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The Foundation European Apologetics is a non-profit organization that was registered at the chamber of commerce in The Hague (The Netherlands) under the name "Stichting Europese Apologetiek" on Oct. 13, 1998. It is the outcome of the friendship a few people with various nationalities and backgrounds. These share a specific vision which you are welcome to discover in the mission statement of the foundation. Some information about the founders and members of the steering commitee is also available.

The address of the foundation is:
Stichting Europese Apologetiek
Postbus 3122
NL-2280 GC Rijswijk
The Netherlands


Financial support

The foundation is legally entitled to receive donations, sponsoring, subventions, legacies, etc. Money can be transferred to:

Stichting Europese Apologetiek
Bank account:
Bank and its address:
Postbus 3075
NL-2280 GB Rijswijk
The Netherlands
Telephone of the bank: (0)70.340.2385

An another way of supporting the founding is to buy books and CD's through its internet shops. Each site (English, French, Dutch....) has a shop in collaboration with online-bookstores. These act as sponsors and give us a small amount for each item sold through our shops (the price of the items remaining the same for the customer.)


Use of the funds

What will the money be used for? We have finished paying the costs for starting the foundations. We are now using money for

We are starting with the Netherlands because it is the country where we are located and also one of the most dechristianized countries in the West. As soon as we will be financially able, we plan:



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