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The following sites have been selected because of at least some of the resources they offer; it does not mean that our foundation endorse all the views expressed on these sites. Most sites selected are Christian. Among the Christian sites, many are Christian in general, but some are more specifically Catholic or Protestant and a few are Eastern Orthodox. We have tried to put an indication when a site does not have a general Christian orientation, so that for example those protestants who are very anti-Catholic or those Catholics who are very anti-protestant may not feel uncomfortable. We present our excuses if our selection may cause some discomfort to those who surf our links. We do not endorse all the positions or links found on other sites.


General Sites


Some English-speaking Sites linked to us:

Academic Publishers



University Presses and others



Schools of Particular Interest for Christian Apologetics & Philosophy

Name Particular Strengths External Possibilities Major Thinkers Major Orientation
Biola Univ. (L.A.) apologetics for the existence of God(s), cosmology the soul and resurrection   Moreland, Craig, Geivett Evangelical
Boston College philosophy   Casey, Kreeft, Tacelli  
Center for Thomistic Studies at St Thomas Univ.     Brezik, Knasas Catholic
Dallas Theological Sem. apologetics against charismatic occultism Correspondence   Fundamentalist / Calvinist / Dispensionalist
Fordham Univ. philosophy   Greco, Hudson Catholic
Inst. of Biblical Defense introduction to apologetics and philosophy     Evangelical
Georgetown Univ. philosophy   Bradley, Schall Catholic
Int. Catholic Univ. philosophy Correspondence McInerny Catholic
Jacques Maritain Center at the Univ of Notre Dame Philosophy & Medieval Studies   Bobick, Doering, Freddoso, Gutting,  McInerny, Meynell Catholic
Liberty Univ. (VA) historical apologetics   Habermas Baptist
Loyola Univ  (Chicago) Christian Philosophy   Moser, Sweeney Catholic
Marquette Univ. Christian Philosophy   Griesbach, Rousseau Catholic
Point Loma Nazarene U. (Philo. and Religion Dept.) (San Diego) Philosophy, Christian Worldview     Evangelical / wesleyan
Pont. Inst. for Mediaeval Studies (Toronto)     Maurer, Owens Catholic
Pont. Univ. of St Thomas (Rome) philosophy and apologetics     Catholic
Simon Greenleaf School of Law   Simon Greeleaf (L.A.)   Evening courses Geisler, Moreland, Montgomery Evangelical
Southern Evangelical Sem (NC) apologetics in all fields. Online & correspondence Geisler, Zacharias, Habermas, Clark, House Baptist / Evangelical
St John Univ. (Jamaica, NY)     Boyle, Califano, Lauder Catholic
St John Univ. (Staten Island, NY) philosophy   Redpath Catholic
St Louis Univ.     Bourke, Henle  
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School Old Testament apologetics Correspondence Archer Free Evangelical
Univ. of San Francisco philosophy   Dennehy, FitzGerald  



Miscellaneous and General

Metaphysics / Natural Theology (Theism..)


Thomistic texts


(see below in apologetics)







Lists of links


See above Philosophy / Metaphysics


Christianity misc.

Apologetics Sites linked with our  site:

Misc. Software Tools









Origin of Life


(also in apolo):

The Intelligent Design Movement William A. Dembski Article reprinted from Cosmic Pursuit, Spring 1998



Some evangelical christians use the word "cult" for groups that misinterpret the basic christian ideas. We use another definition of "cult".
By "cults" we mean some groups that abuse people intellectually or emotionally, financially, sexually... For example, a cults often may forbid their members to read literature other that their own, forbid them  to keep much contact with their family if the family is opposed to the cult, force the people to spend most of their free-time for the cult, give a lot of money for the cult, etc.
According to us, a "cult" might really be a christian group.
We have not fully investigated all the groups listed below, so that not all may be "cults". We set up this list because there has been material published about these groups that apparently indicates their cultic character". We do not pretend that the pages or sites we refer to are objective and do not endorse their contents.
As it is of special interest for Christians, we have also linked with pages that deal with the pseudo-christian theology of some "cults" that pretend to be Christians but are apparently not.



General Anti-Cults Sites:


Jehovah's Witnesses (Wachtower):

Witness Lee's "Local Church"  (also called "Living Stream Ministries", "The Stream"))

Church of Christ






Charismatic Movement



The Natural Law Study Center


The Natural Law Study Center

Concerned Women for America (about culture, politics & ethics)




Christian sites...

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