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These guidelines are suggestions for reviewing books, but they may be adapted for reviewing audiobooks, papers and articles, films, CDs, etc. If you can edit HTML, please use the rest of this page as a pattern and fill it in by overtyping. If you want to overtype it and are not sure you understand everything, have a look at existing reviews.

Additional information you may provide:




Title of the Book

By John Doe (author)


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Bibliographic Data

John Doe. Title of Book. University Studies.  New York, NY: Publisher, year.
ISBN: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Pages: xxx.
Bibliography, index(es).

Hardcover; $yy.yy.



((If this is not much work for you, you may try to type the contents of the book or see if they are available at Barnes & Nobles and then copy and paste them.))



Review by Zzzzz Zzzzzz (Reviewer's Name)


Copyright year by reviewer's name, place, country.


Some of the following items can be considered for inclusion in a review. You do not have to follow them, but they may be helpful in making serious and well structured reviews. Feel free about the lenght of your review: it may be very short or very long... If you review is very long, and you work at length some points, please try to give some titles to the major parts of your review.




Evaluation (main part)



Copyright year by reviewer's name, place, country.



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