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Some evangelical christians use the word "cult" for groups that misinterpret the basic christian ideas. We use another definition of "cult".
By "cults" we mean some groups that abuse people intellectually or emotionally, financially, sexually... For example, a cults often may forbid their members to read literature other that their own, forbid them  to keep much contact with their family if the family is opposed to the cult, force the people to spend most of their free-time for the cult, give a lot of money for the cult, etc.
According to us, a "cult" might really be a christian group.
We have not fully investigated all the groups listed below, so that not all may be "cults". We set up this list because there has been material published about these groups that apparently indicates their cultic character. We do not pretend that the pages or sites we refer to are objective and do not endorse their contents.
As it is of special interest for Christians, we have also linked with pages that deal with the pseudo-christian theology of some "cults" that pretend to be Christians but are apparently not.



General Anti-Cults Sites:


Hare Krishna


Kip McKean's Church of Christ

(also known as Boston Church of Christ, International Church of Christ, etc.)


Joseph Smith's Church of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons. LDS)


Jehovah's Witnesses (Watchtower):


"Witness Lee" (Li Chang-Shou)'s  Local Church

 (also called "Living Stream Ministry", "The Stream")
With possibly more aggressiveness than the Church of Scientology, the Local Church has systematically threathened (of legal action) companies and organizations publishing books or articles critical of Witness Lee's religious doctrines and of the practices of his Local Church ; they have expended huge amounts of money in courts.  They have succeeded in shutting most critic. This group targets evangelical Christians. Concerning the practices of this group, we fear that it may be a dangerous cult. Concerning its religious doctrine, our opinion is that its doctrine is Eastern  (our opinion is that Witness Lee interprets the Bible within Eastern views that are contrary to the Christian view.)


Church of Scientology


Reverend Moon's Unification Church




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Sites from diverse orientation against the mainstream endorsement of globalization




(see also Globalization above)




Freedom of Speech vs Tyranny & media control



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