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From philosophy to politics, from religion to natural science... our foundation is busy with many topics, and especially with fundamental issues such as the existence of God or questions about Christianity. You can visit our sections by clicking the items in the left column: reviews, shop...  We wish you a lot of pleasure on our site!

As we are giving priority to building sites in other languages, some sections (articles, lists, fun..) on this site are not open yet.

A note on the use of the word "Science" on our site:

Some visitors from the Anglo-Saxon countries are surprised that we do not restrict the usage of the word "science" to the natural sciences. It is true that  America has been strongly influenced by pragmatism and positivism, some philosophical views which led to reduce knowledge (science) to definitions and empirical tests. Although the word "science" means "organized, academic knowledge", the influence of these philosophies led Americans to remove the scientific status of disciplines such as history, theology, etc  This was facilitated by the attraction of British philosophy for empiricism, and by the lack of ancient academic traditions in America, which was not the case on the European continent, where neither British empiricism nor pragmatism and positivism were  very influential and where the scientific status of other disciplines was well established.

We think that empiricism, pragmatism and positivism are wrong (self-refuting...)  and therefore hold to the traditional view on "science", such as it is still used on the continent so that we not only speak of the natural sciences, but also of the philosophical, religious, human and practical sciences.



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